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The Big Reveal

You’ve watched me write about the Top Secret Project for a while now, and today is finally the day of the big reveal! A bit of background first:

My wife’s grandfather’s 80th birthday is coming up, and we wanted to get something special for him. Having spent his life working for the phone company in one capacity or another, it seemed a Bell Telephone type of item would be good. After a lot of searching and some help from my father in law, I found an old picture online of a 1950’s “LIU” Bell-Tel truck- just like the kind he used to drive for a number of years. Here is that picture, along with pictures of the truck I made.

1950's LIU Bell-Tel truck


The truck was made with Walnut and Birch. The inlays of the Bell-Tell emblems on the doors are made from Birch and Mahogany. It was finished with 6 coats of hand rubbed Tung Oil, which really made the burl on the back left side and the knot on the back right side stand out, adding a lot of depth. Unfortunately the pictures didn’t convey that very well.

With this done, I’ve gone ahead and moved some stuff around in the workshop and am already 75% finished with my next project πŸ™‚ Stay tuned for that next week! And don’t forget, Bump Day edition #3 is only 2 days away….


9 comments on “The Big Reveal

  1. katylua
    September 29, 2008

    Oh…it’s FABULOUS! If your wife’s grandfather does like it, I know an almost-2-yr-old who would covet it! You’ve got loads ‘o talent!

  2. Melissa
    September 29, 2008

    Wow! That is gorgeous! Nice work.

  3. Pola aka webmavennj
    September 29, 2008

    What a beautiful piece of artwork. A wonderful memory now committed to wood.

  4. Liz
    September 29, 2008

    What beautiful work! It must have been hard to give it up. Hopefully you can visit it sometimes πŸ™‚

  5. grecowoodcrafting
    September 29, 2008

    Thank you all very much πŸ™‚


  6. Alison
    September 29, 2008

    I have two words for you…. Simply FABULOUS!!!!!
    wonderful job.

  7. alexladydesigns
    September 29, 2008

    wow, so gorgeous!! what a great project!

  8. barbara
    September 30, 2008

    John- this is totally awesome & fabulous!
    great job!


  9. grecowoodcrafting
    September 30, 2008

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

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