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Watch Your Back, Don Knotts

Today will start with a final update on the Top Secret Project. It is FINISHED! The final coat (number 6) of Tung Oil went on yesterday and it is ready for its final destination. I will be taking several memory cards worth of pictures of it, so expect to see the big reveal Monday, along with the picture that inspired it.

With that said, let’s shift our focus. Economy? Ugh- I’m tired of not only hearing about the economy, but how the politicians are pushing their own agendas under the guise of “for the greater good”. So how about some fun!

Anybody catch the Emmy Awards the other night? Jeremy Piven, of HBO’s Entourage, won his third consecutive Emmy. That’s not the funny part. He was asked about Don Knotts in a conversation that went something like this:

“Jeremy, you are now only 2 Emmy’s behind Don Knotts’ 5 consecutive Emmy’s for The Andy Griffith Show. Are you driven to break his record?”

“To be honest, that’s all I’m focused on. There isn’t a moment that goes by when I don’t think ‘When am I going to take Don Knotts down’.”

Watch your back, Don Knotts….


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