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Yes, a very late post but hey! Better late than never, right? That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

The reason for my lateness in today’s post is two-fold. First, the Eagles had an insane game yesterday with blitz after blitz. I have to admit, it was nice reading good articles about them this morning 🙂 But that was only a minor reason.

The bigger, and more important reason, is because the Top Secret Project is nearing completion! Yes, I know you are waiting anxiously to see what the heck it is. It will be worth the wait, though. I really can’t express just how excited I’ve been watching each coat of Tung oil not only bring me one step closer to the big finish (haha, pun… finish- end, finish- tung oil. Get it? Bah), but REALLY bring the wood to life. I don’t mean it’s about to sprout leaves, just that the grain patterns with some burls are absolutely gorgeous 🙂

Typically I try to avoid knots, but chose to leave on rather big knot in this piece with a smaller one in one of the other woods used. Being happy with the results I was getting, I tempted fate and tried for a third, but as I cut the material down to the size I needed, I was just getting a gaping hole. Knot for grain characteristic = good. Knot leaving a gaping hole = bad.

I Should have pictures to post early next week. Check back Wednesday morning to see who is featured for Bump Day #2 !


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