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Properties – More Than You Needed to Know

After letting Bump Day occupy the “Post of the Day” position for 2 days, I figured I had better give you guys something good for the weekend. After all, I wouldn’t want you to think I was skimping on my blog duty.

Today we will cover Properties. No, not property like where you build a house. More specifically, the properties of materials. If you are looking for a new material to work with (say, a different species of wood, for instance), then you might find entries on said material that refer to the different Mechanical or Characteristic Properties it possesses. So, here is a listing of exactly what all that mumbo-jumbo means.

First, as I mentioned above, there are two different sets of properties: Mechanical & Characteristic. We will start with the Mechanical.

Mechanical Properties:

Tensile Strength: The resistance to being pulled apart

Fatigue Strength: Strength in back & forth vibrations

Impact Strength: Resistance to impact, such as a blow from a hammer

Ductility: How much it will stretch before it is deformed

Hardness: Resistance of a surface to the penetration of a substance

Flow: How a metal will “flow” into a different shape, such as from round to oval

Characteristic Properties:

Thermal: How the material reacts to heat

Electrical Conductivity: How electricity flows through it

Corrosion Resistance: Resistance to corrosion, of course

Optical: How the material reacts to light- Can you see through it?

Density: Weight per cubic volume

The Characteristic Properties are a lot easier to figure out based on the term than some of the Mechanical Properties are. Nonetheless, I listed them for the sake of running the gamut of the properties.

In other news, our TSP (Top Secret Project) is progressing nicely. Once it’s finished I had better make sure the camera batteries are fully charged, because I plan on snapping a few thousand shots of this 🙂


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