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I’m a Lucky Daddy

OK, let’s start with a completely non-woodcrafting topic. Monday Night Football. McNabb messed up a handoff that very well may have cost them the game, but I can’t be too upset. They put up some nice numbers against Dallas, and there’s still the season ending rematch. If the Eagles can stay healthy for the entire season, I see good games ahead.

Now, onto the fun stuff! Still not wood related, but I read this and said “Wha?!“, and now feel compelled to share this with you. Anybody catch the SNL intro with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin? For starters, wow- what a dead on impression. The look, the Alaskan twang, she really had the part down pat. For anybody who didn’t get to see it, or wants to see it again, here ya go:

So, there I was reading the news yesterday when I saw Carly Fiorina, the former HP CEO and current McCain supporter, saying this skit was sexist. She claims the skit was saying that Palin can’t have any credentials because she is a woman.

Wha?! I took the skit to say she doesn’t have the credentials because….wait for it…she doesn’t have the credentials! Even if you disagree with me on that point, how could somebody possibly think there was any insinuation of sexism with Amy Poehler right next to her as Clinton? If anybody can answer that, please do because I seem to be missing it.

Now we finally get to the Woodcrafting, but it’s really just a cute story. My daughter is 3 and a half, and LOVES to help with anything and everything. The other day she got to stir the pancake batter, a favorite helper chore of hers. Yesterday I asked her if she wanted to watch a ‘wood’ show with me (Wood Works- David Marks is amazingly talented) and she said Yes, that she likes to watch wood shows. This was something new, so I asked “Why do you like to watch wood shows?”

“So I can help you like when we make pancakes.”

I’m a lucky Daddy 🙂


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