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Like a lot of others who sell their own handmade items, I am overly critical of my work. Nothing is ever ‘perfect’ and I tend to get bogged down sometimes in details. My current Top Secret project is a pretty good example of this, but for reasons I can’t get into at the moment, so no point in really going over that any further- for now.

While I was going through some boxes I had stored away in my grandmother’s house, I found some old college notes. Materials & Processes might not sound very interesting, but I really enjoyed it. One of my notes was the basic premise for processing any material:

  1. Create new bonds
  2. Break bonds
  3. Modify existing bonds

And that’s it. Whenever you are working on any sort of material, you are doing one of those three things. This brings me to the point of the entry, KISS. Often used by a friend of mine, it stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid.

And so, armed with this new insight that I once knew so well, I will be going through a redesign. I am going to come up with a line of toys that are more simple; a little less detailed; a little more appealing to both parent and child. I will still do some more detailed pieces, but between October and December I will be focusing on the KISS method of toy building.

With only 2 weeks before I intend on having the first pieces of this line being built, I have some design work ahead of me!


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