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This is Not Spinal Tap

In my latest business venture (I’m using the word “business” loosely here) I’ve opened my own Cafe Press store! What is a Cafe Press store? It’s a bunch of different shirts and mugs and such with my company name and web site on them.

So why, you ask, am I using the word “business” loosely here? T-shirts and other ‘Greco Goodies’ are not what I specialize in. My thing is taking some hunks of wood and making them into fun, imagination provoking toys. But I’m certain that those who play with my toys would like to let others know about them, too. And what better way than through a t-shirt or coffee mug? The answer is none- none better way (OK, bad Spinal Tap reference but I couldn’t resist).

Wondering where you can get a peek at the Greco Goodies? You can go to (blast you Cafe Press for saying GrecoWoodcafting was too long of an extension!) OR you can click the link to the right, under ‘My Store’ labeled “Shirts, Mugs & More”.


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