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Who’s This ‘Greco’ Guy?

I am John Greco, of Greco Woodcrafting, LLC, and I make and sell handmade wooden toys. After an alarming rise in toy recalls, I wanted to give parents the peace of mind of buying a toy that has only natural, safe finishes.

Also, in realizing that there is a little bit of a kid in all of us, there are “Executive” versions of the toys made. Ones where oil finishes highlight the natural grain and beauty of the different woods used throughout the individual toys.

Quality that Exceeds Expectations” is kept in mind during every phase of the manufacturing process. That is why we are sure our toys will continue to provide our customers entertainment for years to come!

Greco Woodcrafting, LLC is about to hit it’s 4 month old mark- but Don’t worry! I have been working with wood for over 20 years, along with some dabbling in foundry work, metal work (lathe, sheet metal, spot & arc welding), plastic injection & vacuum molding, as well as different uses for oxy-acetylene torches and computer programmed robotic machining.

Through the course of it all, wood is by far my favorite material to work with. There’s just something to be said for taking a piece (or pieces) of wood and transforming it into something special that is accented by the natural beauty of the different color and grain patterns. Although there are dozens of stains available, I prefer to use oils and sealants that highlight the wood. Of course, the children’s toys are left unfinished so parent’s don’t have to worry about possible toxins.

My 2 kids make a fantastic focus group, with all toys I make getting a ‘thumbs up’ from them both. Well, my son is only 5 months old, but I’m sure that his toothless smile is as good as a thumbs up. For now the toys are listed on, with forwarding to that store until my website is up and running. By Spring I anticipate having a large enough inventory to attend a craft fair as a vendor.


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