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At-Home Photo Booth

I make wooden toys. Looking at a pile of wood and thinking of what I can turn it into is what I like to think I am good at. But what about once it’s made? Being a small business owner there’s no budget for professional photography, so I made my on photo booth!

Executive Wooden Toy Biplane - Available at my Etsy store or by special request

Executive Wooden Toy Biplane - Available at my Etsy store or by special request

So there is one of my toys with a picture I took. What did I do? First, have a camera that can take a decent picture at relatively close range. Those disposable camera’s have a set focus of ~6-8 feet in front of the lens, so those won’t do. If you have a digital camera with automatic focus, you’re set.

Next, go to Staples or some other office supply store and get a 3 pack of black foam board (or whatever color you think would look like a good background for your work). Some tape, too, if you don’t have any around the house (any tape will do, I used scotch tape). Here’s how you will lay them out:

1 piece laying flat on a table, preferably Dining Room (with the light above it), the other two pieces perpindicular to the first, making a ‘V’ with the edges that meet taped together tightly. This is so you don’t get light shining though where the corners of the ‘V’ are.

From here it’s kind of self explanatory. Put your item inside the little photo booth you’ve made and start clicking! I have way more pictures that I’ve deleted than ones I’ve kept. I basically take pictures on the philosophy of “If I take a whole bunch, there’s bound to be a couple of keepers” 🙂

I hope this helps!


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