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Greco Woodcrafting at Riverwinds

Having your own website is interesting. Of course there’s the obvious, you get to display and sell your products or services, but there’s more to it than that. There’s also the spam you receive from people promising to increase your Google rankings, or other such nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, increasing my search ranking is important, but I’m not going to hire a random spammer.

But you also get some good contacts. Just today I received a message from somebody asking me to call them, so I took the chance that it wasn’t related to more search engine optimization and gave the gentleman a call. I am gad I did!

As it turns out, I was invited by the Woodbury Rotary Club to be a guest speaker for their February 28th meeting at the Riverwinds restaurant in Deptford, NJ. I’ll be talking about my pens and will bring along some tools of the trade along with pens in various states of finish. I will also have a select group of my finished products on-hand showing some of what I have available for purchase. I’m expecting a good Q&A session, I just hope I don’t go over the allotted time!

My thanks to the Woodbury Rotary club, I’m looking forward to a great afternoon :)

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